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Creating 13,200 jobs in the U.S. and Canada

Construction of Keystone XL will directly create an estimated 13,200 (U.S., 10,400, and Canada, 2,800) high-quality jobs and local contracting opportunities.

Work opportunities on Keystone XL will include a variety of responsibilities, skill levels and trade specializations and will range from laborers, skilled tradespersons, equipment operators, surveyors, engineers, environmental specialists and project managers. Local resources may include activities such as right-of-way clearing, gravel processing, access road development, camp and storage site preparation, materials hauling, right-of-way grading, pipeline ditching, site clean-up and reclamation.

Overall, construction will support nearly 60,000 (U.S., 42,000 and Canada, 17,000) direct, indirect and induced employment opportunities generated by the business that will be created supplying goods and services to the project and the project’s workforce.

Keystone XL has three roles

in the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline:

  • Plan, design and operate the pipeline
  • Select prime contractors to construct the pipeline
  • Oversee the prime contractors and the construction process to ensure safety standards and specifications are met

Become a vendor

Providing services or materials to Keystone XL

TC Energy accepts applications from vendors looking to provide Keystone XL with services and/or materials.

Register your company at our Supplier Registration Portal. Once your company’s details have been provided, you may be contacted for additional information on your service/supply offerings or requested to provide proposals on project work directly to TC Energy or through our third-party contractors.

We also encourage you to visit Jobs.TCEnergy.com to learn more about current career opportunities at TC Energy.

For current work opportunities, visit our Employment page.


Employment opportunities

American jobs

Employment will generate $2 billion in earnings
  • 10,400 high-quality jobs during construction
  • 42,000 direct, indirect and induced employment opportunities

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Canadian jobs

Employment will generate $1.6 billion in earnings
  • 2,800 high-quality jobs during construction
  • 17,000 direct, indirect and induced employment opportunities

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