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Nov 18 2020

Investing in Harding County's future

Posted by Keystone XL

Keystone XL -  Ruth Ann Schwartz, Director, Harding County Community Action Team

At TC Energy, our Build Strong program is aimed at identifying organizations, such as the Harding County Community Action Team, which are looking to build stronger futures for their communities. This team is a key distributor of food staples and commodities to those in need.

The Keystone XL donation of $15,000 is an investment towards a more suitable distribution center.

Harding County, which spans 2,680 square miles (6,941 sq kms), is located in the far northwest corner of South Dakota and located right along the Keystone XL route. The Harding County Community Action Team serves numerous recipients throughout this sprawling rural county. The current distribution center is located in an older residential home that has been modified to meet the needs for the community.

"We make do with our current location, but the residential home is really limited in the amount of space we can efficiently store and distribute food”, said Ruth Ann Schwartz, Director, Harding County Community Action Team.

We plan to use this TC Energy donation of $15,000 to put towards a future build fund. Simple amenities, including adequate door openings, sufficient heating and cooling, space for commercial food storage and floor space for more efficient distribution are on our wish list. The TC Energy donation will provide a great start to our future build project and we thank you for your generosity.”

Ruth Ann Schwartz
Director, Harding County Community Action Team

The Build Strong program is designed to make investments to support the communities where TC Energy and its staff live, work and operate.

Learn more about TC Energy’s Build Strong community giving program and its areas of focus, including safety, education, environment and community.

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