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Dec 16 2020

Making a difference in people’s lives

Posted by Keystone XL

Keystone XL - Bindloss Pump Station construction crew

Working hard and supporting local communities

As construction on Keystone XL winds down for the 2020 season, we are honoured to reflect upon the last nine months. During this period, our crew members dedicated their time and passion to supporting first responders, local families and ensuring food security when a sense of community and collaboration were needed most.

With project construction kicking-off during an unprecedented global pandemic, it quickly became a top priority of the project team to ensure we were doing our part to support local communities most impacted. With steadfast devotion, our team immediately began to seek out organizations and local causes nearby.

Our construction team in Canada proudly raised more than $155,000 for food banks, health foundations, first responder organizations, and community relief programs through this dedication.

"It has been incredible to witness how truly connected the Keystone XL team has become to the community in which they are working in," said Nader Bojakli, Keystone XL Project Construction Manager. "Our team members are always searching for ways to give back to the communities that have welcomed them so warmly."

Countless volunteer hours and a passion for caring

Raising these funds was achieved through countless volunteer hours and our workforce's passion in the field. Bottle drives, 50/50 raffles, silent auctions and fitness challenges are just a few examples of their ongoing efforts.

Of particular importance to the project team, was raising money for a local community member injured in a tragic dirt biking accident. When we heard about the accident, we immediately opened our pockets and began raising funds to support the young man and their family. To date, the crews have raised over $12,000 to ensure the appropriate medical equipment can be provided to the family.

The Keystone XL team has been more than generous in their community fundraising programs and we would like to thank them for all of their support to the local community initiatives. Their contributions and presence in the community make a significant impact and we are very appreciative.”

Steven Kuhn
Town of Oyen Administration

Through Empower, TC Energy’s workforce giving program, we support and encourage our workforce to give back to their communities in ways that resonate with them personally, through fundraising, donating, volunteering, or even simple acts of kindness, that help make the world a better place. As project construction moves forward, our commitment to supporting the community, as we collectively recover from COVID-19, will remain unwavering.