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Aug 13 2020

Welspun receives large pipe order from Keystone XL project

Posted by Keystone XL

Welspun pipe shipment.

Press Release (August 13, 2020) — Welspun Tubular, LLC (Welspun) in Little Rock, Arkansas is pleased to announce that it has received a significant new order for the production of over one million feet of 36-inch Line Pipe from TC Energy for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“The recent announcement by TC Energy and the Keystone XL Project that they have again turned to Little Rock’s Welspun to produce critical pipeline infrastructure is welcome news,” said U.S. Congressman French Hill. “At this tough time in our economy, this ensures that Welspun can keep their talented force of nearly 500 workers engaged until, at least, early 2021. This pro-growth investment in central Arkansas will enhance our Nation’s modern, safe energy infrastructure while supporting the livelihood of 500 central Arkansas families in the midst of this pandemic.”

“I am pleased that Welspun, a notable business leader for many years, has partnered with TC Energy to produce over a million feet of line pipe for the Keystone XL Pipeline,” Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said. “This partnership will lead to further economic growth in our state and will create good-paying jobs for Arkansans.”

“For more than 10 years, Welspun has been a strong business partner for our state, creating hundreds of jobs for Arkansans,” Arkansas Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston said. “The Keystone XL project is a great fit for the company and will strengthen our energy infrastructure while also benefitting our economy. This is good news for Arkansas.”

Welspun utilizes state of the art pipe forming equipment, pipe inspection equipment and pipe coating equipment to produce the pipe. Welspun’s state of the art pipe making equipment along with high-quality steel that will be melted and manufactured in the United States allows Welspun to produce best-in-class pipe that meets the specific and rigid requirements for TC Energy. The order will have a job value creation across the supply chain from steel making, to pipe making, to pipe coating and to pipe transportation. The pipe will be produced and transported to the final unloading destination with safety being considered the utmost priority.

“This new order will allow us to operate our Welspun Large Diameter Pipe Mill and continue to provide direct jobs for over 500 workers in Little Rock, Arkansas,” said Rusty Fisher, President of the Americas for Welspun.   “Further it is said that for every job at Welspun another four jobs for workers are created in the Little Rock area economy.”

At 1,210-miles (1,947-kilometres) in length, Keystone XL will be capable of safely delivering 830,000 barrels per day (Bbl/day) of crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska where it will connect with TC Energy’s existing facilities to reach U.S. Gulf Coast refiners to meet critical needs for transportation fuel and useful manufactured products. With construction activities underway, the pipeline is expected to enter service in 2023.

“This is a tangible and real example of what we mean when we speak about the local benefits of Keystone XL to Americans and the communities across this country that they live and work in,” said Richard Prior, President, Keystone XL. “As we recover from this pandemic, Keystone XL will be critical in creating high paying jobs and economic stimulus in many communities across the country.”

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