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Keystone XL supporters

Time to build Keystone XL

We are proud of the relationships we have built with landowners, Indigenous groups, governments, politicians, organizations and communities throughout our vast energy infrastructure footprint, including Keystone XL and the Keystone Pipeline System. We are equally proud of the trust we have earned in the communities where we work and live and we welcome the words and voices of support for this vital energy infrastructure project. We agree with our supporters, it is #TimeToBuild #KeystoneXL!

We support this!

It's about our future

Keystone XL Pipeline creates a boost for communities by providing job opportunities to workers in key areas of Canada and the United States. These opportunities are now more critical than ever during a time when we need to get our economy back on track.

The project will strengthen U.S. energy security and enhance America’s competitiveness, and all without spending a single dollar of U.S. government funds.

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Keystone XL - We Support This. Support families and businesses. Complete the Keystone XL Pipeline Project

Real people, real stories

Keystone XL benefits many people, real people with real stories. These stories capture and highlight just a few of the many benefits, such as construction, employment opportunities, community investment and more. Read their stories and see how Keystone XL brings benefits to many communities in the U.S. and Canada.

From the industry

TC Energy committed a few years ago to build the U.S. portion of the pipeline with American made quality steel and it is rewarding to see that KXL chose Berg as their quality supplier. This order will enable us to keep hundreds of our team members employed during these unprecedented times.”

Peter Borgards
Chief Commercial Officer, Berg Pipe



We have a really good safety record and work to keep it that way. It is very important to us to work with a company like TC Energy that puts safety as their number one priority.”

Hal Fuglevand
VP & General Manager, Knife River

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Working with TC Energy has always made our company better. We worked on the base Keystone Project and during that time we grew tremendously both physically and from a safety standpoint."

McNeal Mercer, 
CEO, T.G. Consulting Services, Inc.

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What they're saying

Statements, quotes and supportive comments


Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts


Now more than ever, Nebraska would benefit from the Keystone XL pipeline. The project will upgrade our energy infrastructure, increase our nation’s energy independence and bring great-paying jobs to our state. Additionally, several Nebraska counties will benefit from a surge in property tax revenues from the pipeline project.” 

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts


Mr. President-elect, during the campaign you challenged America to “Build Back Better” by investing in new infrastructure and energy technologies, creating high-paying blue-collar jobs, and preparing for the energy mix of the future. With these and other commitments, Keystone XL meets that important test. We have to come together to find a way forward, to keep people working, while also creating a new standard for American energy infrastructure.”

U.S. Senators, Steve Daines, John Hoeven, Cynthia M. Lummis, John Barrasso and Kevin Cramer

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KXL in 2021 is very different than the KXL of 2015. What we do is we make the case: Oil is going to be with us for some time, we are responsible oil providers. Our argument is that we can work together on a whole host of things that can drive down emissions.” 

Canadian Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan

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We are extremely proud to put PPL employees and more than 1,600 American union members to work on completing this important infrastructure project, which will also provide a boost to local economies along the project route," says Bobby Poteete, President of PPL. "As a Wisconsin business, we're proud to be awarded such a large contract for a significant North American infrastructure project and we look forward to working with TC Energy, local communities and businesses to bring Keystone XL to life.”

Bobby Poteete, President of Precision Pipeline, LLC

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Letters of support

Keystone XL is about more than building a pipeline; it's about building relationships, supporting and building communities and bringing something positive to the many lives and communities we improve. For years, we have worked hard to be a trusted neighbour, building strong relationships with hundreds of communities along the pipeline route and beyond. We welcome the letters of support we receive from people, associations and communities we impact in a positive way.


Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline is important for all of Montana. It is an especially welcome source of economic activity for communities in Eastern Montana, offering long term tax revenue and immediate term job creation.”

Montana Chamber of Commerce — Letter of Support addressed to Montana Senator Jon Tester

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Over the years you have spoken about the importance of keeping Americans working, supporting private sector investment in new energy infrastructure that will help reduce emissions, and strengthening North American economic and energy security. All of this can be achieved by the completion and operation of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

U.S. Senators, Daines, Hoeven, Lummis, Barrasso and Cramer — Letter of Support addressed to President Joe Biden

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At a time when the U.S. economy is tougher than ever for businesses, we felt impassioned to share with you just how vital Keystone XL is to the current and future success [of] our local economy and the lives of the citizens in Fallon County, Montana.”

Fallon County Commissioners, Montana — Letter of support

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