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Jul 10 2020

McNeil Mercer

Posted by Keystone XL

Real people, real stories

McNeil Mercer, CEO, T. G. Consulting Services, Inc.

What is TG Mercer and where are you located?

Pipe transport and pipe handling since 1910, now fifth generation. Primarily transporting of materials, that began with moving pipe on mules, and has evolved into efficient transportation of materials. Specifically, for Keystone XL, we coordinate previously purchased pipe and then transport to locations along the pipeline route, including loading and unloading pipe at rail cars.

We are corporately located in Willow Park, Texas, and we employ approximately 50 full-time employees at that office and another 150-200 field employees.

Why is the Keystone XL project important to your company? 

Working with TC Energy has always made our company better. We worked on the base Keystone Project and during that time we grew tremendously, both physically and from a safety standpoint.

Safety is our number one priority, how important is safety with your team and your work on this project?

TC Energy’s ‘Zero is Real’ has made our safety culture stronger and the driving force behind the work that we do each day. The level of professionalism that coincides with this emphasis on safety is night and day in comparison to other companies in the same space.

How important is it to have local employees working on an important project of this magnitude?

Having local representation in the states we operate is vital. We rely heavily on their in-state knowledge and their attention to detail. A great example is identifying a correct haul route and understanding the regulations that surround the different state and county roads. These details make all the difference in transporting the product in a safe and efficient manner. 

What does a partnership with the Keystone XL Project team mean for your company?

Our partnership with the Keystone XL project is vital — it is the difference of about 50% of our workforce.