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Jul 8 2020

Hal Fuglevand

Posted by Keystone XL

Real people, real stories

Hal Fuglevand, Knife River, VP & General Manager

What is Knife River and where are you located?

Knife River is both a construction materials supplier and a construction contractor. We supply building materials, such as asphalt, concrete and aggregates. Specifically for the Keystone XL project, we completed road upgrades in both Montana and South Dakota. We are physically located in Billings, Montana, and Bismarck, North Dakota.


Why is the Keystone XL project important for your company?

From a company standpoint, it is important to work with private companies like TC Energy. We do work in the public sector as well, but it is really important to have a balance between public and private work. We hope with a project the size of Keystone XL we will be able to assist in all three states.


Safety is our number one priority, how important is safety with your team and your work on this project?

Safety is paramount. It begins and ends with the folks on the ground and the supervisors in the field. We have a really good safety record and work to keep it that way. It is very important to us to work with a company like TC Energy that puts safety as their number one priority.


You are a local contractor, what does this work mean for your company and your employees?

Our employees are based in the states we operate in and they take pride in the work they do. Our crews are very excited about the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and are proud to be part of this historic project.


What does a partnership with Keystone XL project team mean for your company?

As a company, it is our preference to work with an owner and to build a relationship. The work we do is not just another ‘job’. With TC Energy and the project team, we have built a relationship on trust — and it works both ways. We do the job right and we become a trusted partner.