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Our commitment to the environment

We’re committed to protecting the environment. Not just because we have to, but because we want to. We respect the diversity of the landscapes where we live and work to minimize our environmental footprint, while meeting the world’s growing demand for safe and reliable energy.

From water, land and wildlife to our commitment to a sustainable and responsible energy future, we recognize that how we interact with the environment is of vital importance to you. It is to us, too.

The Keystone XL Pipeline project was developed in line with our approach to long-term sustainability, and our commitments to managing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and protecting water sources, land and wildlife remain unchanged. We are proud that Keystone XL offers a safer, superior alternative to transporting fuel than trains, trucks and tankers, which produce far greater GHG emissions.

We know the energy landscape is rapidly changing, and we are investing in new energy infrastructure. We are focused on managing our emissions going forward and finding innovative solutions to protect the environment.

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TC Energy has a deep history of focusing our efforts on making Keystone XL and all of our projects sustainable. Starting with the first day of construction and onward through the pipeline coming into service, we will do our part to manage our GHG emissions. We have worked hard to ensure the programs and initiatives we have in place always meet, and often exceed, regulatory requirements.

TC Energy’s purpose is to deliver the energy people need every day, guided in every decision we make by our core values – Safely. Responsibly. Collaboratively. With integrity.

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Providing sustainable

environmental benefits

We believe success comes from joint efforts when we collaborate with others to address how we interact with the environment. We find ways to provide sustainable benefits to the environment while developing and operating important energy infrastructure that helps power our society. We are proud of our 75-plus environmental partnerships with national and local organizations to help conserve natural habitats, protect species at risk, and promote the importance of a healthy environment throughout the communities where we live and work across North America.

Water crossings

How we plan to cross major waterways like the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers

New technologies and engineering techniques allow pipelines such as Keystone XL to be safely installed below a river bed, leaving the natural resources above intact and undisturbed.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an environmentally friendly method used to cross sensitive areas with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

HDD crossings bury the pipe deeper on both sides of the riverbank, providing greater protection from floods and high water levels. Pipe used for river crossings has thicker steel with additional anti-corrosion and abrasion-resistant coatings.

Environmental documentation